Featured Work


  • Bicentennial Fundraising Video for Social Media

    A fundraising video developed for Historic New Richmond, Inc. to promote the community’s upcoming bicentennial celebration through the web and social media channels.

  • Corporate Video Production

    A corporate video production created for a company in Cincinnati to promote manufacturing software to job shops and contract manufacturers nationwide.

  • Corporate Video Introduction

    Black Tent is an award-winning commercial video production company based in Cincinnati, Ohio; offering creative development, video production, post-production, and photography services worldwide.

  • Testimonial Video Production

    A testimonial video production developed to showcase a pharmacogenomics case study to prospective customers.

  • Rock’em Sock’em Testimonial Video

    A website video developed using motion graphics to bring a testimonial to life with compelling and whimsical visuals.

  • Educational Corporate Introduction

    A corporate video intro that was shared during new business presentations to introduce the organization.

  • Stand Out Web Promo Video

    A promotional website video was shared in a email marketing campaign, via social media channels, and posted to our client’s website.

  • Motion Graphic Logo Animation

    A motion graphic logo animation created for an advertising agency that needed to add professionalism to a variety of videos.

  • Corporate Safety Video

    A corporate safety video that was produced as a training tool for guests entering the manufacturing environment.

  • Website Video Production

    A promotional website video production created to invite attendees to a user group conference in Washington, D.C. focused on big data, analytics, and data warehousing.

  • Video: Testimonial Video for Student Transportation Services

    A testimonial video that we produced to help promote our client’s services to school districts in the United States.

  • Corporate Branding Video

    A motion graphic logo animation created for an industrial client that needed to add professionalism to a variety of videos; including training videos, product videos, social videos, etc.

  • Children’s Safe Drinking Water Holiday Spot

    A online video created to highlight the benefits of Procter & Gamble’s program to provide clean drinking water children in developing countries.

  • Mr. Fix It

    A promotional online video was shared in a email marketing campaign, via social media channels, and posted to our client’s website.

  • Video Introduction for Email Campaign

    An online video introduction that was used to in an email campaign to senior level executives.

  • Industrial Product Video Production

    A product video created to introduce a new machine. The video was captured using super slow motion to highlight the machine’s ability to sort materials based on shape and color.


  • Back to School

    A photo shoot for a back to school series for a company that provides student transportation services. Black Tent Video Production Are you looking for a Cincinnati photographer to help bring your products, services, and…

  • Attendees Gathering at Trade Show Booth

    Photo of attendees gathering at a trade show booth for a technology conference.

  • Keynote Speaker Presentation

    Photo of a keynote speaker from the largest food retailer in Canada during corporate event.

  • Delicious Turkey Sandwich

    Food photography for a food & beverage company based in Denver, CO to be used for sales, advertising, and packaging.

  • Lifehouse Lead Singer Rocks the House

    Photo shoot during live performance by Lifehouse lead singer, Jason Wade, at private corporate event.

  • Taking the Kids to the Zoo

    Corporate photo shoot of mother and children strolling through the Cincinnati Zoo, to be used for marketing purposes.

  • Gavin Degraw on Piano

    Photo shoot of a performance by platinum-selling recording artist Gavin Degraw, at private concert.

  • Rail Inspection by Technician

    Photo shoot in manufacturing environment of technician performing a laser guided rail inspection.

  • Close-up Product Shot

    Close-up shot of a laser used to measure the accuracy of the rails on a crane in a large manufacturing environment.

  • Close-up of Appetizers

    A close-up of appetizers captured during a food photo shoot, to be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

  • Master Chef Catering Private Event

    Photo taken for a catering company that provides high quality corporate event and planning services.

  • Wind Power Turbine Plant

    A photoshoot of the assembly area of a large wind turbine manufacturing plant in the Iowa.

  • Steel Mill Ladle Crane

    A photoshoot of a ladle crane carrying hot molten steel at a large steel mill in the United States.

  • Screening Equipment Product Photo

    A beauty shot of a large piece of equipment manufactured by a company that builds screening equipment.

  • Hootie & the Blowfish

    Photo of Darius Rucker performing at a corporate event with Hootie & the Blowfish.

  • Robotic Lab Test

    A photo shoot for an environmental testing company using a state-of-the-art robotic enabled test chamber.